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“Pioneers Go East Collective harnesses a very successful experience that’s equal parts wondrous and strange.  (CowboysCowgirls Sagittarius) is a strong gesture about collective queer yearning on a deeply microcosmic, personal level. Agosto’s personal histories are enrapturing, but his recorded stories feel most alive when in direct juxtaposition to the younger performers’ personal accounts of lust, love, dating, and intimacy. When the tension between young and old feels tightest, the performance shimmers.” 
- Culturebot (2018)

American Mill is “a true story and a wonderful rendition about the American Labor Movement and a woman who found herself at the forefront of the protest movement. The music (is) beautiful, touching – Maxamoo (2017).

“Gemini/ Scorpio...with poignancy enhanced by spirited, if easy-going, presentation.” 
Eva Yaa Asantewaa at InfiniteBody (2017)

Time Out New York Critics Pick!  (Hildegard Vision -2015) 

"(In) Hildegard Vision...multi-talented Marina Celander is the elegance central to Hildegard (vision)... The immediacy of setting...provides the sensation of a dream externalized...striking visual elements. The space contains, all at once, everything it needs, collapsing the separation between one point in history and another era."We are vessels. We are women. How can we transcend so many barriers?" Celander asks shortly before von Stade pulls out a videocam from out of somewhere and trains it on her abbess's face. The subtle interactions between these two-the dynamics of Celander's faint but detectable withdrawal, her self-containment, and Amenii's confused, quiet discomfort-drew me into the work.”
Eva Yaa Asantewaa at InfiniteBody (2015)

American Mill No. 2 with multimedia, song, movement, found text…(is) an effervescent daisy chain of chaos and calm.”
Sander Gusinow, Theatre Reviews Unlimited 2015

“Michael J Was Innocent” such a rich piece filled with so much humor, compassion, a deep humanity and haunting sweetness of soul.”
- Tammy Faye Starlite, Downtown Performance Icon 2015 

 “S16...knocks down the walls between expressive genres and amalgamates music, video, and acting into an adrenalizing, dramatic experience. This poetic multi-media production is an intense, heavily atmospheric theater art installation from Pioneers Go East Collective.”
 Backstage - Lisa Jo Sagolla, 2013 

“(S16) A vibrant rendition of Pirandello’s words through completely different media” Stefano Boselli, Pirandello Society 2013