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Multigenerational Artists in Dialogue: A series dedicated to empowering LGBTQ and feminist artists, in dialogue with their communities.

Pioneers Go East Collective curated series at Judson Memorial Church features multidisciplinary artists who explore new genres and known performance and art-making modes to share their creative practices with other artists and their audiences. Each evening we witness different generations of artists dealing with actual, day-to-day, contemporary challenges to further discussion between artists, and to activate a network of exchange and inclusion with social and artistic intervention.

If you'd like to participate in our series - please email: with subject: 'I'd like to participate in Crossroads'. Please include a short description of your work and a video.


Wednesday June 19, 2019, 8pm

Agosto Machado

JonathanMatthews and Holly Sass

Nic Adams

+ guests

Wednesday March 20, 2019, 8pm (two generations of choreographers in dialogue)

Fana Fraser

Ori Flomin

Anabella Lenzu

Nash Glynn

Mersiha Mesihovic

Parijat Desai

Wednesday December 19, 2018, 8pm (multigenerational experiences)

Stacey Robinson

Nicky Paraiso

Abby Felder

Loco 7

Theresa Buchheister/ Title:Point

George Emilio Sanchez

Nash Glynn

Wednesday October 17, 2018, 8pm (female voices)

Beth Graczyk

Marisa Tornello

Rina Espiritu

Dionne Slay