MARIA CELESTE (GALILEO) explores Maria Celeste’s life as a cloistered nun and reflects upon her deep emotional attachment to her father, the scientist Galileo, and her intellectual eagerness to be a part of his discoveries of the Universe. An interactive opera & performance installation with live video and projected art inspired by the solar system, MARIA CELESTE immerses us in a mysterious dreamlike realm where we intimately experience motion, imagery and sound.

MARIA CELESTE (GALILEO) by Pioneers Go East Collective: Gian Marco Lo Forte / Abby Felder. Music composed by Chad Raines.

Performers: Ashley Winland (Maria Celeste Galilei), Seth Gilman (Galileo/ singer), Daniel Nelson (Galileo/ video excerpts), Gina DeMay (Arcangela Galilei), Julia Dobner-Pereira, Julie Regula, Maggie Robinson, Michaela Reggio, Nozomi Kawaguchi, Marta Fuerst. 

Team: Libretto & Direction & Production Design - Gian Marco Lo Forte / Dramaturgy & Design - Abby Felder / Associate Director - Chad Chenail / Lighting Design - Marie Yokoyama / Video Design -Rocco D'Santi and Kathryn Lieber: Video design / Videography Silvia Forni

Work in progress presentations: La MaMa Nov 29-30 & Dec 1 ('13)

Presented at Incubator Arts Projects May 16 to May 25 ('14)