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COWBOYSCOWGIRLS (sagittarius) is an interactive performance installation by Pioneers Go East Collective that explores and explodes the myth of the American Cowboy and Cowgirl, looking with humor at how chauvinism and bravado transpose into Gay subculture. In the piece, audience members are invited to don Western attire and sit around a theatrical campfire while performers, both live and on video, share stories of bullying, self-discovery and coming out. 

Premiere at JACK in 2018. Works-in-progress at Time Space Limited (Hudson NY)/ Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance/ The LGBT Center (NY)/ The Tank (2018/19). Tour to Buddies in Bad Time (Toronto) in 2019.

Featuring performance artists and choreographers Daniel Diaz and Beth Graczyk. With original music by Marisa Tornello. cowboy/cowgirl performers Fleur Voorn, Mike Cotayo & Mac Smith! Guest appearance by drag performance artist and activist Agosto Machado who shares experiences about Stonewall, Sylvia Rivera and The Gay Liberation Movement. Creative team: Hao Bai (sound/ video designer). Dmitri Barcomi (stage manager). Jon Burklund (cinematographer). Natalie Marissa Johnson (assistant director). Gian Marco Riccardo Lo Forte (writer/ director). Laura-Marie Marciano (poetry). Zoie Omega (cinematographer). Brendan Reilly (sound design/ sound engineer). Mark Tambella (tent design). Philip Treviño (lighting /environment designer).