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American Mill No. 2 is Pioneers Go East Collective original docudrama with new music about the textile industry in the South in the early 20th C. The work focuses on the protest movement and the 1929 strike at the Loray mill in Gastonia in North Carolina and is centered on Ella May Wiggins, a textile worker, union organizer and folk singer who found herself at the forefront of the protest movement during the strike.

American Mill No. 2 features a multi-talented cast of actors and musicians, with Kamala Sankaram (Composer, Ella May Wiggings, Accordion) Catrin Lloyd-Bollard (Guitar), Brittane Rowe, Anthony Napoletano, and Jason Stanley (Mandolin). 

Premiered at A.R.T/ New York Theatre 2017. Work-in-progress at La MaMa 2015