Based on Francis of Assisi’s allegories and hallucinations –7AM is a performance & visual installation with original arias in early Italian idioms juxtaposed with an electro-acoustic soundscape, coupled with live video evoking isolated figures in urban setting and contrasted with projected art inspired by natural landscapes. 7AM consists of a series of hallucinations experienced by young Francis of Assisi that each take place early in the morning inside his room. Francis, who has spent months recovering after returning from war, has visions that he does not understand.



Creative Team: Gian Marco Lo Forte- concept & direction, libretto | Maura Nguyen Donohue- choreographer Daniel Nelson – associate director | Adam Cuthbert- composer/ sound designer | Kathryn Lieber- video design |Jiyoun Chang- lighting design | Abby Felder- dramaturge, costumes & mask design | Mark Tambella- paintings & projected drawings. Performers: Brian Walters, Dorothy James Loechel, Emily Asaro, Giacomo Rocchini, Daniel Nelson, Michael Lapinsky; Sopranos: Ashely Winland and Elise Brancheau, Musician: Becky Hudelson.

At  I n c u b a t o r  A r t s  P r o j e c t  - February 28, March 2, 3