S16 – LUNA NERA is a multimedia performance installation piece created by PGEC that is inspired by Pirandello's moving short story of a young Sicilian miner, CIAULA DISCOVERS THE MOON. Loosely based on the short story Ciaula scopre la luna (Ciaula discovers the moon) by Italian writer and playwright Luigi Pirandello and  presents the life of a young miner, Ciaula, who works and lives inside a Sicilian sulfur mine.  Black moon S 16 – Luna nera S 16 is a new performance work created, written and designed by Gian Marco Lo Forte exploring human displacement. The story analyzes the harsh lives of miners whose work subjects them to the danger of bodily injury, primarily from the ever present possibility of explosions. The stage action takes place in an installation environment that evokes a diaphragm shutters system inhabited by live performers, live music and animated video and projected art.  The world is created with smoke, see through plastic screens and mirrors, using live camera feeds projected on actors bodies to create an intimate experience of the desperation and psychological isolation of sulfur miners. 

Pioneers Go East Collective: Gian Marco Lo Forte, Maura Nguyen Donohue, Adam Cuthbert, Kat Yew, Mark Tambella, Abby Felder, Ji-Youn Chang, Kathryn Lieber, Becky Hudelson, Ashley Windland, Brian Walters, Giacomo Rocchini, Ian Cherry, Matthew Curiano, Michael Hughes, Michael Lapinsky

Press Representative: Ellen Jacobs and Associates

Where: La MaMa - La Galleria

Nov. 15, 16 and 17 * at 8pm /Nov. 18 at 5.30pm/ Nov. 20 and 24 at 8pm/ Nov. 25 at 5.30pm/ Nov. 27, 29, 30*, and Dec 1 at 8pm/ Dec. 2 at 5.30pm