Pioneers Go East Collective provides Educational workshops + Mentorship program in creative and critical thinking to promote understanding through the arts and producing opportunities to empower artists by supporting them during crucial development process.  FREE and open to the general public - these programs are intended to nurture the next generation of underserved artists and their communities. 

To inquire about our FREE programs email:

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NEXT PIONEERS - Mentorship

is a mentorship program in creative thinking and producing support serving emerging artists - and open to performance artists, movement-based artists, playwrights, video-artists. Each year NEXT PIONEERS program offers two artists professional opportunities, production support and know-how at a pivotal time in their lives to enable and energize their creative voices and social practices. During the program artists are invited to: Monthly career development with one-on-one mentoring; inclusion in the education workshops offered 4 times a year; and inclusion in the collective’s curated series - NEW WORKS! and CROSSROADS SERIES. NEXT PIONEERS application process is simple! and includes a one-page application and a 30-minutes in-person Interview and discussion of intent to present a new work-in-progress.  The application process is purposely streamlined to allow artists to dedicate their time and energy in developing their creative practice. To apply to NEXT PIONEERS Mentorship - email: with subject 'Next Pioneers: Mentorship' and we'll be happy to send you the application.

NEXT! - Stortelling Workshop

is a creative and engagement workshop that draws from the participants’ life experience to empower them. Designed for multigenerational people - the creative workshop focuses on performance and storytelling techniques including creative writing and interview-based acting. The goal is to create a nurturing learning environment and build stronger bonds within the participants’ community. The two-days workshop (three-hours/each session) intends to give participants essential tools to begin to connect with their story, to create original short pieces shared with others, and to reflect and cherish on the value of personal journeys. To inquire about our workshops email: pioneersgoeast@gmail.comwith subject: 'NEXT! Workshop' and we'll be happy to invite you to participate.


Pioneers Go East Collective Educational program includes an on going relationship with The Children Institute - a charter school in New Jersey dedicated to teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum - where PGEC artists teach theatre crafts in workshops that encourage imaginative play using oral storytelling, physical acting and puppetry. A work PGEC artists have developed with TCI students has been presented as an educational video at La MaMa/ gallery.

Teaching artist Gian Marco Riccardo Lo Forte developed the collective's creative and educational practice with students at Public School 78 in Queens. The educational workshop focus on discovering the students heritage using oral storytelling and new technology. Additional workshops presented at Stanford University in collaboration with artist, choreographer and educator Parijat Desai.