Hildegard (vision) is a live video opera installation with found-object puppetry & animations. The work is inspired by Hildegard Von Bingen, a medieval nun and writer, composer, Christian mystic and polymath. Hildegard Von Bingen experienced divine visions that formed the basis of her metaphysical texts, drawings and music, and which scientists say were in fact typical migraine aura. The piece will be structured around distinct phases of migraine attack and will integrate a mix of live and recorded opera performance, music, video and animation, with found-object and figural puppetry to examine the ways in which context combined with physiological processes shape how we perceive and affect change within the world around us.

Premiere at La MaMa 2015. Work-in-progress at Governors Island as part of Process Space Residency LMCC; St Ann’s Warehouse (2013/14)

Conceived by Pioneers Go East: Gian Marco Lo Forte / Abby Felder / Music composed by John Sully.

Cast: Marina Celander (Hildegard), Seth Gilman (Volmar, singer), Nehprii Amenii (Richardis), Daniel Diaz, Tali Custer

Presented at La MaMa Dec 3, 20 2015; St Ann's Warehouse Puppet Lab ('14); Lower Manhattan Cultural Council / Governors Island 2014